Lego multifonction

We’ve seen the iconic Lego toys in delightful parodies of BanksyStar Wars, and Oscar-nominated movie posters, but it’s recently been discovered that they serve a practical use, too. The Minifigures’ tiny hands are exactly the right size to grip a range of cables. By combining the toys with Sugru, a moldable synthetic rubber, you can attach your phone charger to your desk in a way that’s tidy, efficient, and will make you smile. Your favorite Lego character can also be stuck to your car’s dashboard, a bedside table, and much more.

This discovery was made by Andreas, a Sugru customer in Germany. He uploaded a picture of it to the company’s online gallery last month, and users around the world have adopted the idea. According to Sugru founder Jane ni Dhulchaointigh, « Since we shared the project on Twitter, we’ve been getting more and more pics of people copying it, » she said. « It’s so cool to see all the different characters and locations. »

Sugru website
via [Dezeen]

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